Iconic Galaxy Light™ Projector 2.0 ✷

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THE OCEAN GALAXY LIGHT™ IS TRENDING ON INSTAGRAM & TIK TOK! 🌌 Join along 12,000+ Satisfied Buyers 💙

TAKE A MOMENT TO LOOK AT YOUR BEDROOM & LIVING ROOM! Think of all the improvements a Galaxy Light can make to the feel of your room!

✰ Bring the galaxy + ocean waves indoors!
✰ The Ocean Galaxy Light™ instantly projects a field of drifting stars against a transforming blue ocean nebula cloud. 
Simple buttons & a portable remote make it easy to cycle through light effects, adjust brightness, or start/stop the motion. 
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Your bedroom is your sanctuary! Give it the look it deserves!
✰ Weighing just under a pound, the Ocean Galaxy Light™ Projector is perfect for adding a modern touch to your room, or watching movies before falling asleep (Netflix & Chill Approved!)
✰ It also works as a unique nightlight, with an adjustable timer function to turn off whenever you’re asleep.
✰ An excellent gift for adults and kids alike! Get ready to turn a boring night into a trip through space!
High Quality HD Audio
Crisp, High Quality Bass Speakers will play any music from your device!
Quick Bluetooth Connection
Connects to any iPhone & Android device instantly! Also Tablets, Laptops, or any device that supports bluetooth!
Reacts to Music!

Stars will twinkle according to the music beat or by clapping your hands. Enjoy watching the stars dance to the beat.

Vivid Night Sky + Ocean Waves
The Ocean Galaxy Light™ projects the stars and nebular ocean. With 21 different color options and limitless patterns, you can create the perfect vibe to suit any mood.

✰ We have also added the "Nightlight" setting, which is an optional remote feature that turns off the light automatically after 1 hour.

 Trustworthy & Built With Quality
✰ Our high-quality projector is built with unique triple circuited LEDs to ensure longevity! No need to ever turn off your galaxy light!
✰ All orders come with a 30 Day Warranty to ensure quality, and we offer 24/7 Customer Service!
What's in the box?
➵ Ocean Galaxy Light™ 2.0 Projector
➵ USB Cable 
➵ User Manual
➵ Mini Wireless Remote 
➵ New 2.0 Improved Design, Reflects Light 10x Better 
➵ Dimmable Lighting, 21 Color Options, and 2 HD Bluetooth Speakers
➵ Durable Compact Design, that fits any room
➵ Covers the Whole Room!

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